Вопрос стартаперам — кому нужен инвайт на DLD Conference Moscow? Инвайт дали, а поехать не получается.

Кому интересно общение с людьми из Кремниевой Долины, из Сколково, кому нужны качественные контакты и общение с гуру предпринимательства — добро пожаловать на invite–only мероприятие.

Подробности о конференции здесь: http://www.dld-conference.com/news/digit…

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4 Responses to Вопрос стартаперам — кому нужен инвайт на DLD Conference Moscow?

  1. Niono:

    Dear #########,

    We are happy to invite you to DLD Moscow, the two day conference jointly hosted by Skolkovo Foundation and DLD. It is chaired by Viktor Vekselberg, President Skolkovo Foundation, Yossi Vardi, internet entrepreneur, publisher Hubert Burda and Paul–Bernhard Kallen, CEO Burda Media.

    The conference takes place May 27–29, 2012 in the heart of Moscow at Digital October (http://www.digitaloctober.com).

    Russia is a fast growing digital economy; we are therefore excited that Skolkovo invited us to hold this invitational conference. DLD Moscow will provide an interdisciplinary platform for international business, thought and creative leaders to connect with their Russian and regional counterparts, and to learn about market opportunities and to drive joint ventures. Needless to say that we will enjoy Russian hospitality, lifestyle and culture.

    The DLD Conferences, ranked as the hottest invitation–only event in Europe, gather changers and disrupters from digital, business, media, society and science. The DLD community meets at various global innovation hubs throughout the year, such as Tel Aviv, Palo Alto, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, London, New York and Munich for a creative exchange of the unexpected.

    Set up by the Russian President, Skolkovo Foundation (http://www.sk.ru/en) aims to strengthen the links between Russian and international science, technology, education, entrepreneurship, digital business and investment.


    • Sunday, 27th May: Evening Reception

    • Monday, 28th May: Conference Day One with keynotes, discussions, workshops, topical breakouts and networking opportunities

    • Tuesday, 29th May: Conference Day Two until midday

  2. RotZlo:

    Блин, круто, хотелось бы, но не смогу

  3. CsFcuk:

    Еще актуально?)

  4. Niono:


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